Australian Coal Association’s Figures Reveal Increase in Coal Jobs Even with Carbon Pollution Price Media Release

Jun 14, 2011 - 5:00pm

The Climate Institute’s preliminary analysis of the ACIL Tasman report shows that the number of people employed in the black coal sector will continue to rise with a price-tag on pollution. 

Using ACIL Tasman’s own figures, The Climate Institute estimates there will be a net increase in employment in the sector of between 1,625 and 3,575 jobs between 2010 and 2020. That is, total direct employment in the sector is projected to rise from 46,664 jobs in 2010 to as many as 50,239 jobs in 2020 – an increase of up to 3,575 new jobs.

The Climate Institute does not dispute that there will be slower jobs growth in the coal sector, but ACIL Tasman’s own analysis confirms that there will still be an overall increase in employment.

Under a pollution price, resources companies will be responsible for paying for the pollution they create. This will provide an incentive for them to begin investing in cleaner technologies. A pollution price will also drive new investments in low pollution sectors and help to unlock Australia’s world class renewable energy resources.

Rather than continuing to invest in a scare campaign, the Coal Association would be better off encouraging its members to join the global race and start investing in cleaner, lower pollution technologies and practices. 

For further information:
Will McGoldrick | Policy & Research Manager, The Climate Institute | 03 9600 4039

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