The Climate Institute welcomes the business statement on climate change Statement

Sep 17, 2015 - 1:00am

Today, business leaders from AGL, BHP Billiton, GE, Mirvac, Santos, Unilever, Wesfarmers and Westpac Group published a statement* on climate change risks, challenges and opportunities. The companies support the Australian Government in securing an effective outcome from the Paris climate change negotiations in December.

These businesses have come together because they acknowledge that climate change will continue to have serious implications for their customers, our community and the economy. They acknowledge that climate change poses risks that we need to manage and that investments in responding to the challenge will deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits for us all.

These companies - like Australia’s business, union, welfare and environment groups in the Australian Climate Roundtable - support global efforts to limit warming to less than 2°C. They support Australia’s bipartisan objective that international negotiations in Paris deliver a positive outcome to put the world on the path towards this global goal.  Alongside other nations, Australia needs to play its fair part in global action. Limiting global warming to less than 2°C means that our ultimate objective needs to be a net zero emissions economy.These companies all recognise the need for a responsible transition to decarbonised, sustainable economic development.

The Climate Institute has supported this business statement and ongoing work because our focus is on making climate action possible.

The last few years of climate, carbon and clean energy policy in Australia has been marked by deep divides across government, business and the community which, if maintained, will guarantee future failures. We need to change this. We need to work together and show leadership.

We are encouraged that businesses like those who have signed onto this statement today acknowledge that the longer we wait, the harder it will be and the more it will cost us.

The Climate Institute is prepared to talk, share the table and build bridges between experts, business, investors and decision-makers, and do the hard work to find solutions. Today’s statement, along with the recent work of the Climate Roundtable, is a positive step in that direction.

* Please see the full companies' statement below, or visit the websites of each of the signatories. 

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