Cuts at CSIRO condemned Media Statement

Feb 04, 2016 - 4:30pm

The Climate Institute condemns reports that Australia's eminent scientific organisation, the CSIRO, is cutting key climate change research capacity.

If the reports are true, it is utterly reckless to cut hundreds of positions tracking climate change impacts and developing climate solutions.

If this is part of a strategy to devote more research to the mitigation of climate change, it does not make sense to discontinue tracking the change and understanding and projecting its effects.

On face value, this would appear to be another reckless blow against sensible, strategic, informed action on climate change in this country.

This decision would seem, at least in part, to be a direct consequence of slashing government funding to the CSIRO and other scientific organisations.

As one of the nations in the world with the highest exposure to the effects of climate change, we are at a critical time where we should be devoting maximum capacity to understanding it - precisely so we can be agile and informed in our ability to respond to it. It is impossible to manage climate change if you can't measure it.

The Climate institute urges the CSIRO to reconsider this action and the federal government to reverse funding cuts to the CSIRO and other relevant science organisations in its forthcoming budget.

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