Important Kyoto commitment sets ambition test for future governments Media Release

Nov 26, 2012 - 10:00pm

“The Government’s reformation of the full bipartisan supported target range of up to 25 per cent emission reductions by 2020 in an international treaty is welcome,” said Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO, The Climate Institute, who attending the UN climate talks in Doha 26 November - 7 December.

“This will focus international scrutiny on Australia’s final 2020 emission target decision to be made 2014.” 

“Australia’s commitment that is it ready to take on a second Kyoto target is an important trust booster to the UN climate talks getting underway in Doha today.” 

“A Kyoto target that saw emissions increase above 1990 levels would not have been credible internationally or domestically. Australia’s preliminary Kyoto target that sees emissions fall below 1990 levels is therefore symbolically important.” 

“It is disappointing, however, that the Government hasn't used Kyoto accounting rules to increase ambition. This could have seen a Kyoto target of around 97 per cent.” 

For more information on this Kyoto target see this recent Media Brief

For more information

Kristina Stefanova | Communications Director, The Climate Institute | 02 8239 6299

To find all other related briefs, media releases, opinion pieces and video blogs visit the COP18 project page here. This page will be updated continually during the climate talks.  

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