Carbon Markets and Climate Policy in China Report

Oct 11, 2012 - 10:00am

China has long since been perceived as the laggard in the climate action space, and as scapegoat for other countries, like Australia, delaying action. But this argument is increasingly difficult – if not impossible – to make in light of China’s recent policies.

China has, for a range of reasons, moved to slow the growth rate of its greenhouse emissions. The country has reduced its energy intensity, become a world leader in renewable energy, and is rapidly establishing carbon trading systems. The establishment of an emissions trading scheme in China dovetails with other global schemes, paving the way for a global climate change agreement coming into force in 2020.

The report Carbon Markets and Climate Policy in China: China’s pursuit of a clean energy future - commissioned by The Climate Institute and prepared by international carbon project developer Climate Bridge - outlines China's recent ambitious climate and clean energy policies, debunking the myth of inaction. 

See link below for the full report. You can also access the press release for the report here.  



Alex Wyatt, CEO of Climate Bridge, discusses what action China is taking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions:


Additional Resources

The below SlideShare presentation summarises the report:

What other countries are taking action on climate change?
The interactive Global Climate Action Map lets you track and compare country actions.

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