Coalition Climate Policy and the National Climate Interest Policy Brief

Aug 15, 2013 - 1:00am

This policy brief (see links below) outlines the results of an analysis of both the Government’s legislated policies and a range of approaches the Coalition could take to implement its policy platform.  This analysis is based in large part on detailed modelling undertaken by SKM–MMA and Monash University’s Centre of Policy Studies. 

The Coalition is yet to announce details of key elements of its policy. To capture a range of possible policy options a number of scenarios were evaluated, including weakening or strengthening the Renewable Energy Target, changing the way large emitters are penalised for exceeding emission baselines, or giving firms access to international markets to achieve emission reductions.

The modelling is based on a number of conservative assumptions about how the policy will work in practise and will therefore likely overestimate the emission reductions that can be achieved under the Coalition’s policy.



Below is a SlideShare presentation summarising the report:

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