China's Changing Climate Photo Essay

Michael Hall, Creative Fellow of The Climate Institute 2012-14, travelled from Beijing to Gansu Province, documenting the impacts and opportunities of climate change in China.

China is highly vulnerable to climate change, with a large population but relatively small amount of arable land; dramatic pollution problems but aggressive policies trying to reduce emissions; and significant economic development needs that will require more energy than ever. 

China is a powerful emerging economy that still has endemic poverty. It is also the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and its pollution reduction actions are hugely important signals to the world. As our China Brief highlights, China’s efforts are driven by genuine self-interest, with the nation seeking to improve poor air quality in major cities, enhance energy security and industrial development, and build resilience against price volatility of the global fossil fuel market.

Even though it faces challenges, China sees the opportunity in acting quickly. According to The Climate Institute/GE 2013 Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index, China has leapt ahead in its ability to compete in the global low-carbon economy. It is now among the top three performers of the G20, even as even as European countries and the United States fall behind. 

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Outlining the latest effort by, and challenges for, the world’s largest emitter to cut carbon pollution.
Review of Australian climate policy in a global context and low-carbon competitiveness among the G20 nations.
Global Review 2013 Cover
"Images, like nothing else, cut through the rhetoric of politics, written word and speech" -Michael Hall
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