Clean Energy Jobs in Regional Australia


Feb 28, 2011 - 1:00am

As Australia struggles to meet the rising demand for energy while reducing it dependence on pollution, investment in renewable energy will play in increasingly vital role.

This interactive digital map presents the findings of a study into the potential national, state and regional employment impacts of this shift to a clean, low-pollution energy sources. Explore the map by clicking on the image below. 

On this page you can also find the full report and detailed findings broken down by regions. To access the media release click here. 

Note that the map contains only state and regional-level reports. Navigate to the state or region you wish to access and click on the View/Download Report tabs on the left of the map. A national level summary can be found by clicking the image to the right or by referring to the document list below.

Clean Energy Jobs Report
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Clean Energy Jobs Map
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