Climate of the Nation 2012


Jul 24, 2012 - 1:00am

Climate of the Nation 2012 benchmarks Australian attitudes to climate change, related policies and solutions in mid-2012. (Research for a follow up report will be carried out in mid-2013.) 

The  report is based on research carried out in late May, a time of highly politicised debate that preceded the start of the carbon laws. 

The research found that Australians were sick of the politics and scared about rising costs of living. They were uncertain about the science, unconvinced by carbon pricing solutions, but remained ‘up for grabs’ on both.

This page contains the full report, as well as factsheets, VoxPop videos of Australians talking about climate change, and other relevant content such as the online questionnaire and background from focus groups.  

To access the media release for this report, click here.

Climate of the Nation 2012 cover
Read Report
Climate of the Nation Feature
In-depth case studies with three research participants
Tony Eastley interviews John Connor on ABC AM about the report's key findings.
Review or download the key findings of Climate of the Nation 2012 on SlideShare.


Preferred Energy Sources
 (PDF 60KB)
This factsheet looks at Australians' preferred energy sources.

Demographic Highlights (PDF 51KB)
This factsheet provides some insights into male vs female attitudes and explores differences at how younger and older generations view climate change.  

Concern About Impacts of Climate Change (PDF 75KB)
This factsheet looks at regional differences on attitudes towards various impacts.

Responsibilities, Performance and Carbon Pricing (PDF 63KB)
This factsheet looks at who Australians think is responsible for leading action on climate change and how those groups are performing. Political parties' performance is discussed.


 Other Related Documents

Executive Summary (PDF 50KB)
Executive Summary & Key Findings of Climate of the Nation 2012

Foreword (PDF 50KB)
Dr Graeme Pearman sets the context for Climate of the Nation 2012


 Other Videos

Climate of the Nation 2012
- Overview

The Climate Institute's CEO John Connor discusses the report's key findings.

Climate of the Nation 2012 - Polling Review
Stuart Clark of Ipsos Social Research Institute discusses the quantitative (polling) approach and key findings.


Qualitative + Quantitative Background

Key quantitative questions behind Climate of the Nation 2012, from polling conducted by Ipsos Social Research Institute.

Final qualitative report underpinning Climate of the Nation 2012, conducted by JWS Research.



This project was conducted in partnership with Pacific Hydro. The text contributions by Net Balance and GE are also appreciated. 

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