Climate Partners

The science, the data and the economics are clear: Australia needs to transition to a zero pollution economy and culture. Business is central to making this happen.

It’s the collective impact of aligned organisations that can create the momentum required for lasting change. This is why back in 2010 we launched the Climate Partner Program. 

Its purpose? To build strategic partnerships with leading organisations representing key sectors of the economy. 

Our Climate Partners are some of the most respected organisations in their fields. 

They are thought leaders, aware and active on climate change and sustainability, with a clear understanding of both the risks and economic opportunities presented by climate change.

Together, we work to catalyse and drive the change and innovation needed to transition to a zero carbon economy and culture. The collective impact of this has delivered real progress. 

If you are interested in joining the Climate Partners Program, please contact us today.

Note that Climate Partner relationships are reviewed through a due diligence process and are subject to Board approval.

The Climate Institute's Annual Review for 2015-2016.
How we see and do things. What motivates us to do what we do. Download the full story.
This primer covers carbon jargon and explains the concepts behind the zero emissions economy.
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