Climate Smart Super: Understanding Superannuation & Climate Risk


Dec 11, 2013 - 9:00am

Superannuation (or pension) funds represent the single largest pool of money in the world, more than $30 trillion. What does that have to do with climate change? Taking a more active role in our investments and how they are managed represents a huge opportunity for securing a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

This report consolidates analysis and review of the impact of climate and carbon risks on superannuation savings. It builds on work The Climate Institute has done with its partner organisation the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) and looks at the emerging civil economy movement, in the context of fossil fuel divestment campaigns and activism activities such as the The Vital Few campaign. 

On this page you'll find the report and related content including infographics, videos, podcasts, photo essays and presentations.

To access the media release click here.

Climate Smart Super Cover
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Understanding Superannuation and Climate Risk Infographic Feature
The AODP's 2016 Global Climate Index rates the world's 500 largest asset owners on managing climate risk.
Make sure your pension fund is investing in ways that help tackle climate change.
John Connor on the role of the citizen investor.
John Connor discusses the importance of one of the 'hidden solutions' to climate change.
We ask a few people around Sydney what they think about using their super to act on climate change.
What does superannuation have to do with climate change? Kristina Stefanova explains.

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