We are still operating but plan to close June 30.

As you know, we are regretfully planning to close our doors as of June 30 this year (see statement). However, we are an ongoing concern until then, with a host of projects to complete and critical advocacy to conduct. For example, we are still planning on doing a 2017 version of our Climate of the Nation attitude survey before June 30.

The Board has established a transition committee tasked with vesting our work with a like-minded organisation or organisations, as we are required by law.

We are still working for a clean, safe, prosperous future

So in that knowledge if you would still like to help us in this regard, please do so.

We will, of course keep you informed of this process through our communications and newsletter, including on this page.

Till then, thank you once again for your invaluable generosity in the past, now and in our remaining future.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. 

Personal information is collected to process donations. Any information you provide us will only be used by The Climate Institute and will not be shared with any other organisation except with your permission.

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