Global Climate Leadership Review 2013


Mar 26, 2013 - 8:00am

Global Climate Leadership Review 2013 puts Australian climate policy in the context of ongoing international action to address climate change. 

It examines international action across several strands: it identifies which nations are leading the transition to a low-carbon economy; the dynamics and outcomes of intergovernmental climate negotiations; and the implications of all of these for Australia.

The report contains an update on The Climate Institute/GE Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index (LCCI). Australia has staged a fragile reversal in its previously declining low-carbon competitiveness, it finds. But it's Asia, especially China, that has taken centre stage in preparedness for the low-carbon economy. 

The report, associated content such as videos and factsheets, and the interactive LCCI can be found here.

To access the media release click here.

Global Review 2013 Cover
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LCCI 2013 Feature Image
Nicholas Stern, author of the 2006 Stern Review, shares his thoughts on the findings of the Global Review 2013.
View or download a summary of the Global Climate Leadership Review 2013 on SlideShare.
Michael Hall documents the impacts and opportunities of climate change in China.
Ben Waters of GE on Australia's carbon competitiveness in the Australian Financial Review.
Who's acting on climate change? Explore our interactive map to track and compare country actions.
Does Australia make the cut? Olivia Kember discusses who's leading the low-carbon economy.


Ben Waters, Director of ecomagination, GE Australia & New Zealand and John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute discuss the report's key findings and their implications for Australia:



Opinion Articles

Australia's struggle for carbon competitiveness (Climate Spectator)
by Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute

The climate change superpower is China - Can the US catch up?  (Crikey)
by Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute

Endless tinkering no way to win the carbon game  (RenewEconomy)
by Olivia Kember, National Policy & Research Manager and Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute

Fragile shifts in carbon tech and diplomacy  (Lowy Institute Interpreter) 
by John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute

Other Materials

Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index Factsheet (PDF, 200KB)

Executive Summary (PDF, 225KB)

G20 Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index: 2013 Update - Vivid Economics (PDF, 560KB)



This project was conducted with support from GE. The help of the British High Commission and Vivid Economics is also acknowledged.

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