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The Climate Institute welcomes queries from the media. To arrange an interview with one of our experts or track down any information,please contact our Communications Director Kristina Stefanova at or at 02 8239 6299.

We are a frequent commentator in Australian and international press, and also often contribute opinion pieces to print and digital media.

In this section you can find our media releases and briefs; online and interactive tools; latest reports and other useful information.


Latest Media Releases + Briefs

Independent Authority smashes the fishbowl of Australian carbon politics / 30-10-2013
The independent Climate Change Authority with its ...
Time to face up to and reduce climate risks like bushfires / 18-10-2013
It’s time to face up to real ...
Government should reveal own climate policy credibility before repeal / 15-10-2013
The Government should reveal the details of ...
Coalition commitment to 5-25 per cent emissions reduction targets / 05-09-2013
Despite speculation to the contrary and though ...


Climate of the Nation 2013 Cover
Read Report
Review of heat policies across sports. Vast difference in policies between and within particular sports.
Who's acting on climate change? Explore our interactive map to track and compare country actions.
How do the parties' climate policies stack up? Explore our interactive tool to find out.

Latest Opinion Articles

Climate politics from another planet / 06-09-2013
A lopsided political focus on the costs ...
Narrow focus not enough to tackle climate change / 04-09-2013
There has been growing scrutiny of the ...
Ranking the parties on hot air / 26-08-2013
Once a global leader in environmental protection, ...
Efficient power for poor / 21-08-2013
John Connor, Ged Kearney, Cassandra Goldie and ...


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