Paris climate agreement Driving emissions reductions post-2020

It's done: for the first time, the world has a truly universal agreement on climate change. It's not perfect, but the agreement will boost the momentum to modernise and clean up economies. Read the Institute's final assessment here

This page contains analysis, live reporting and graphics from The Climate Institute spanning the lead up to the negotiations, and the two weeks that led to the agreement in Paris.

For daily updates from Paris, see this blog roll by Deputy CEO Erwin Jackson, who was in Paris. For wrap up commentary on what the agreement means, see this op-ed by CEO John Connor. 


New to the topic?
Read our FAQs on the international climate negotiations and implications for Australia.
Global Climate Leadership Review 2015
What the Paris climate negotiations mean for Australia and our economy.
Why 2°C matters?
Explainer on why avoiding 2°C of global warming matters for Australians.
Global Climate Action Map Interactive Tool
Struggling to keep track of what various countries are doing on climate change? Try our interactive map highlighting countries’ actions.
Analysis of the Paris outcome and implications for Australia.
This blog will be updated regularly with Erwin Jackson's insights and commentary from Paris.
A timeline of key global policy developments in 2015.
Animation explainer of what the upcoming Paris climate talks mean.
How does Australia compare to its international peers?
Who's acting on climate change? Explore our interactive map to track and compare country actions.

Latest News + Views

Post Paris Update - Statement by President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada / 11-03-2016
The Climate Institute responds to the President ...
Is the Paris agreement toothless? / 18-12-2015
Erwin Jackson writes in the Lowy Interpreter ...
Paris climate agreement: Now it’s time for Australia’s real work to start / 13-12-2015
While today’s historic international climate agreement will ...
Sleepless nights and saving the world in Paris / 11-12-2015
COP21 seems closer to finding an agreement ...


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International climate change negotiations are inherently complex, incorporating environmental, economic, security, trade and energy issues. Here are key explainers on the process, as well as links to our previous annual climate talks pages:

Project pages for previous annual climate talks (COP)  click on each logo to access: 



Check out our interactive Global Climate Action Map to see what countries are doing, across numerous climate and clean energy policy areas. We are providing a monthly update as countries put forward their post-2020 pollution targets ahead of the Paris talks.  

Here is the archive of 2015 monthly updates:


Other useful factsheets on international developments: 



Useful factsheets, research briefs, media releases and other materials outlining the key issues for Australia ahead of the Paris climate talks: 

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