Tasmania Bushfires 2013 Photo Essay

In late January, Creative Fellow Michael Hall photographed the aftermath of some 40 bushfires that ripped through communities on the Tasman Peninsula earlier that month. While Australia has always had hot days and fires, their frequency and intensity are rising with a changing climate and that has very real human impacts.

"Some mixed and strange emotions as I drove the Arthur highway a day after it was reopened to the public, meeting people amongst the ruins of their homes."

-Michael Hall, Creative Fellow

This photo essay was published by The Sydney Morning Herald on  9 February 2013.
  • Byron and Shirley Blackwell
    Byron and Shirley Blackwell
  • Stairway to Nowhere
    Stairway to Nowhere
  • Hung Out to Dry
    Hung Out to Dry
  • Dylan Martin
    Dylan Martin
  • Access Denied
    Access Denied
  • Driving Up Costs
    Driving Up Costs
  • Childhood Memories
    Childhood Memories
  • First Responder
    First Responder
  • Lucky Flock
    Lucky Flock
  • Scott Griffith
    Scott Griffith
"Images, like nothing else, cut through the rhetoric of politics, written word and speech" -Michael Hall
Michael Hall's journey to open eyes, change minds and inspire action.
This report aims to raise awareness of the mental health impacts of extreme weather events and climate change.
Mental Health Report
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