Who We Are

The Climate Institute makes progress in tackling climate change possible.

We are principled pragmatists. We get things done.

We are can do: We are not just a think tank, we’re also a "do tank". We connect people who can make a difference with the resources, evidence and ideas that will make a difference. We solve problems.

We are will do: We are prepared to talk and share the table. We build bridges between people - experts, investors and decision-makers. From grassroots groups to big banks. From the ACTU to the Business Council of Australia. We bring them together to deliver collective impact.

We are know how: We are clear, credible and authoritative. We have the expertise and the experience. We provide actionable direction. We know how to get things done.

Our work has never been more important.

The science and data are compelling. The evidence is in. We know that climate change is real and its physical and economic impacts are scarring our environment and our way of life.

We also know that policy is not adequately responding to the challenge and that this will only change when public, business and investor sentiment creates the pressure for change.

For 10 years we have been tackling this, with a focus on three vital areas where the potential impact is game changing.

We have bold and ambitious goals. But we have a track record of getting difficult things done. The reputation and authority we have today are based on this track record.

Our philanthropic backing ensures that we have the independence, agility, capacity and freedom to get things done. We are principled pragmatists.
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