Who We Are

The Climate Institute was established in 2005, funded through private philanthropy

We are an independent, nonpartisan research and communications organisation focused on highlighting the impacts of climate change and finding solutions, whether at the macro-economic level, or via particular sector initiatives.

We produce and communicate research in  three key areas:

    • International Accountability
    • Economic Transformation
    • Societal Leadership 

    We are different from others in our independence, agility and focus on solutions. 

    The climate science is loud and clear. It requires us to focus on climate impacts and how to adapt or mitigate them, as best possible, while ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for Australia.

    We hold a firm view that as one of the developed nations most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, it is in Australia’s national interest to avoid global warming of more than 2C.

    Today's story of climate change is a human story. The imbalance we’ve created affects us all and the impacts of a warming planet will be increasingly felt in all aspect of our lives. Importantly, we are the only ones who can make a difference. The solutions to climate change do exist – in policy, science, industry, technology and communities around the country and the world. Finding them will call on the best in all of us to meet the challenges we face together, and dare us to take a different, but no less rewarding path.

    John Connor

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